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What technologies we use?

Python / Django
PHP / Yii2
Game development / Unity


Yii PHP Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, original design

International marketing company Major Key specialized in promotion of your business, also provides services such as: consulting, audits, strategy, promotion, acceleration, traning.

Yii PHP Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, original design

PolyMAX manufacturing company provides services in the production of spare parts and components which made of polyurethane for use in all areas of activity. Due to its modern equipment and qualified personnel, PolyMAX will ensure promptness, high quality of products and attractive price.

WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, original design

Pizza Pie was born in Bongo in 2014, to bring delicious thick curst pizza to Dar Es Salaam for the first time! A pizza with handcrafted sauce, indulgent toppings and a fluffy crust.

Yii PHP Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, original design

"Marina" Upholstered Furniture Factory that has been on the market for over 28 years and produces high-quality furniture based on European standards.

WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, original design

Kennel Impulsio Mio-Mio was created in 2015. Impulsio Mio-Mio professionally breeding Scottish cats where you can choose a Scottish (short-haired) kitten or a highland (half-haired) straight / fold kitten.

Unity, C#

Forest Runner is a fast paced endless runner game. Navigate forest paths as far as you can. Find out how centered you are?! Gain the highest score and get new runner skins for the coins collected while running!

Unity, C#

At first sight it may seem that you are seeing flat shapes. But indeed mosaic elements are modeled into a single composition, creating the illusion of multidimensionality and plane dynamics. Accept the challenge and prove what your brain and memory are capable of!

Yii PHP Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, original design

Dispatch program for a trucking company, which is designed for customer aggregation, trip management and internal logistic of the company

Yii PHP Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, original design

Search network of experienced dentists of Ukraine, who provide professional and quality dental services, have up-to-date treatment skills in accordance with European protocols.


Android application for creating a bonus card, with which you can: check the number of bonuses, track purchases, participate in promotions and read news, invite friends, find nearby stores.

Yii PHP Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, original design

The online electronics store Mebius offers a wide range of computer equipment, peripherals, office equipment and accessories.

How does our professional team work?

We believe that insight into your needs is vital so we: It doesn't matter what kind of project we undertake, our principles remain the same.

Creating a clear technical requirements
Compliance with deadlines
The possibility of further support

Meet Val`soft!

We think globally, but act locally to help our customers their brands. We believe that better software makes good business sense. So choose us if you want to get:





Oleksandr VAL
Sales Manager
Web/GameDev Team Lead
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Middle Unity Developer
Java/Android Team Lead
Senior Java/Android Developer
Middle PHP Developer
Yevhenii MINOV
Team member
Senior Java/C++ Developer
Middle Python Developer
Team member
Middle Full-Stack Web Developerr
Junior Mobile Developer
Team member
Middle Unity Developer
Team member
Middle IOS Developer

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